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Talking to your partner, friends and relatives is great, however if you are experiencing difficulties in your life, your partner, friends and relatives may find it uncomfortable or threatening to hear what you want to say and may rush into giving solutions and advice or even judgement. Alternatively, they may have presented you with changes you are finding difficult to manage.

It may be a huge step for you to start looking for a counsellor. Usually we can manage most of the challenges life throws at us, but there are times such as when you are unable to draw on your support network, or are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and temporarily unable to cope, when the best option may be to speak to a counsellor. It can make a difference if you are able to speak openly and without censoring yourself, to someone who is trained to listen, so as to address any issues you want to talk about.

Having worked with a wide range of clients often wanting to address complex issues including dependency on alcohol and other substances right through to improving their relationships, I am able to build a solid rapport with my clients from which change usually occurs.

I am now using this experience and my commitment to on-going professional development to work with other counsellors as a Clinical Supervisor, where I am able to support them in their work with clients.

BACP Registered